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Come to our events, apply for funding or develop a project bid with us, or get up to date with our latest news


We host various events to bring together researchers, stakeholders, charities, NGOs and affected groups like patients, members of the public and others interested in tackling gender inequality together. You can find details here or on our Eventbrite page or get in touch to make a suggestion or ask a question. 

We host regular lunchtime research discussions for academics and others, which take place in a hybrid format, online, and in person at the University of Birmingham, to discuss emerging research projects and early findings and to generate new ideas and collaborations. Some sessions are recorded and recordings may be shared, depending on the nature and content of the session.

Upcoming Lunchtime Research Discussions

Theme Funding

Currently closed


The easiest way to keep up to date with the Gender Equality group's activity is by signing up to our monthly newsletter which features dozens of funding opportunities, events and activities of relevance for the theme and opportunities to work with us. Previous newsletters are available below. Subscribe here.

July 2022

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